Below is a compilation of great homebrewing resources consisting of blogs, forums, tools, calculators, ingredients, and recipe databases.

Getting Started Tips - Some great insight for anyone looking to get started with brewing. 


BJCP 2015 Guidelines - Official 2015 style guidelines

BJCP 2008 Guidelines - Official 2008 style guidelines


MrMalty - Wyeast and White Labs list and comparable strains


Wyeast - Wyeast strains by beer type with descriptions


Water Proof Label - Using gelatin to affix labels

Wax Dipped Bottles - How to make wax to fancy up your bottles

Stove-top Pasteurize - How to pasteurize a sweet carbonated cider

How To Start Kegging - A comprehensive guide to start kegging your beer

How To Build a Keezer - A walk-through of a keezer build with parts and process


Dog Treats - Great way to use up spent grain if you have a dog

Spent Grain Bread - Delicious bread made partially with spent grain

6 Ways to Use Spent Grain - what to do with the pounds of spent brewer’s grain (SBG) left behind


Extract Brewing - AHA's simple extract brewing steps

Extract Brewing w/ Specialty Grains - AHA's extract brewing steps, but with specialty grains

All Grain - Batch Sparge - AHA's all grain batch sparge walk-through

Batch Sparge vs Fly Sparge - AHA compares the different sparging methods

BIAB - Brulosophy's BIAB 


BYO - Simple list by region with short descriptions

How to Brew - Toasting your own malt


Priceless BIAB - Made for BIAB, but can carry over to any all grain method to give water volumes, strike/mash temperatures, estimated gravities, and efficiencies

BrewUnited - Tools to calculate priming sugar, yeast starters, pitching rate, ABV, boil-off, and dilution.

Brix Conversion - Convert Brix to SG and SG to Brix

Pitching Rate - Calculate amount of liquid, dry, and re-used slurry needed

Force Carbonation Chart - Temperature vs pressure to get desired CO2 volumes

Mead Making Calculator - Calculate SG and volumes based on many different fermentables

Off Flavors Reference PDF - Learn about common off flavors in beer


Getting Started - Great post on how to get started growing hops at home

Fall Maintenance - How to care for your hops in the Fall

Harvesting Your Hops - How and when to harvest your hops

UVM Hop Presentation Q&A - Great Q&A from a hop conference 

Hop Research Paper - Great research paper written about hop growing 


How to Brew - Online version of 1st Edition (not current) great overview of the entire brewing process

Brewing Classic Styles - How to brew every style with 80 award winning recipes

American Sour Beers - Details the wide array of processes and ingredients in American sour beer production, with actionable advice for each stage of the process

Hops - The Practical Guide to Aroma, Bitterness and the Culture of Hops

Water - Talks about how to read water reports, understanding flavor contributions, residual alkalinity, malt acidity, and mash pH

Yeast - Everything you need to know about yeast

Designing Great Beers - Brewing formulas, tables, and information to help you create your own recipes


BeerAdvocate - List with descriptions of most common hop varieties

HopUnion's Aroma wheel - Filter by what character you are looking for

HopUnion's Hop Varities - Extensive detailed list of most hop varieties

Hop Varietal Guide - Detailed list of hop varietals with cone pictures


BeerSmith - Comprehensive brewing software

Brewer'sFriend - Free and paid versions

Brewtoad - Recipe builder

Bru'n Water - A tool accurately assess and modify brewing water

    - How To Use Bru'n Water - How to setup and use Bru'n Water


American Homebrewers Association - The heart of homebrewing - A very active community with daily question and discussion threads

Brewing Network Podcasts - Podcasts covering beer styles, how to brew, and sour beers

Homebrewtalk - A forum with a great recipe data base

Brulosophy - A blog testing common beer brewing techniques with great tips and tricks

BrewUnited - A great forum with calculators, recipes, and different brewing discussions

Mad Fermentationist - A crazy brewer with a ton of recipes and different information (author of American Sour Beers)